Ketosis for optimal weight loss

I want to do a few videos about this topic, too, but since I’m backlogged with those in general, a blog post will do for now. For the last couple years, just before Summer time, I routinely jump on a diet called the Ketogenic Diet. There’s tons of resources out there for those who are interested in learning more, but the basic idea is that it is the fundamental clinical approach to low carb dieting. You’ve probably heard of Atkins or South Beach… or maybe a different low carb diet… well all of those are based on the clinically studied aspects of the Ketogenic Diet.

I’ve been doing it for a little over two weeks now and I’ve lost 5 lbs and 1.5% body fat. My pumps in the gym are still growing for the most part, even though it can have a negative impact on weight training. The idea is simple: in order to focus the body on burning fat for energy, you need to put the body into its natural fat burning mode, and keep it there. This is known as ketosis. The body is a complex system of organs, tissues, hormones, and other chemicals that change in order to adapt to the current environment. But this change is not instant, which is painfully obvious for anyone who has gone through ketosis induction, colloquially known as the “keto flu.” It can take days for the body to fully change over.

Anyway, enough of me explaining it, as I said, there are plenty of online resources. Go check em out!

To complete this post on my current health and fitness plan right now, it includes hitting the gym 5-6 days per week (which might be excessive for some, but I love it!) doing a push/pull/legs split. I’m killing it in the gym, having “defeated” four of my favorite machines, most recently the leg press machine, which tops out at 400 lbs. I’m not really doing many Olympic lifts, mostly because the racks are always so freaking busy. But thats alright, I dont need them.

Goal is to keep all of this up until August! I’ll be dialing it back a little here and there, but for the most part, I’m stoked to do this all the way through!