About Alex

Hello, and welcome to my website! My nam532943_10100451552312585_1484219006_ne is Alex. I’m a young-ish Software Engineer currently living in Boston, MA in the United States of America. Growing up, I moved around a lot due to the fact that my father was in the US Air Force. That has given me a very broad and worldly outlook on life, and while I went through my fair share of ups and downs, I’ve developed a demeanor of stoicism and appreciation for this world and all the good things in it.

I spend my days trying to amplify the good things in life, while concurrently eliminating the negatives. While I’ve called Boston home for nearly 7 years now, I still enjoy traveling as much as I can. Everything from luxury all-inclusive vacations, to exploring the wild outdoors; if I haven’t done it three times before, I’ll most likely try it or repeat it again!

On the best of Summer days, you’ll find me playing volleyball on the beach. On the best of Winter days, you’ll find me shredding up the pow snowboarding the mountains of New England. Consistently throughout the year, I focus on tuning my body by weight lifting at the gym. I’ve been really into health and fitness most of my life, but lacked the discipline (mostly with my diet) to have a body to show for it. I’ve recently decided that it’s time to put all those countless hours of reading magazines, websites, and health journals to use and to take control of my body. It’s as much a mental challenge as anything else, as well!

My website and my public facing social media (YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter) are mostly for me to experiment and release my thoughts into the Universe. A lot of it doesn’t have any unified purpose. I’m not necessarily doing any of this for fame or glory, and if no one looks at this stuff, it wouldn’t upset me. But at the same time, if I can post content that puts a smile on people’s faces, or shares with them something interesting and knowledgeable, that is an added bonus to me.

More on YouTube and Video Blogging (Vlogging!)

I started my YouTube channel when I posted my first video in April of 2015. I hadn’t done much by way of vlogging at that point, and I only had my cell phone camera in terms of equipment. I’d love for you to checkout my first video¬†and then checkout one of my more recent videos to see how much I’ve grown as a vlogger and content creator. My first video was filmed in the middle of January and it took me almost 3 months to finish editing it. This was largely because I didn’t know what I was doing, and I was being too picky about minute details. I’ve since gotten must better with my editing software, I plan my scenes better, and I know which details are worth spending time on and which I should just let be.

While some of my videos have gotten very popular, like the Huawei Watch review video, many of my other videos are pure travel vlogs of me and my friends just exploring the world. These tend to only get a few dozen views, but that’s totally fine by me. These are the videos which mean more to me, as I will watch them years from now and they basically fill the void of “home videos” that have fallen out of fashion for most people.