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Ixtapa 2017 Vlog

Coming at ya with another travel vlog! This one is special to me because it brings me full circle back to my first vlog 2 years ago. In that vlog, I went on this Ixtapa trip and filmed the majority of the video using just my dinky cell phone camera. This time around, I’ve got a bit more experience under my belt and some much improved filming equipment!

This trip is a beach volleyball vacation organized by the folks at South of the Border Volleyball Vacations (http://www.sobvolleyballvacations.com/) and they do a great job of it! We spend a full week at a resort in Ixtapa, Mexico with 200+ volleyball players from all over the United States. They also invite a number of American Volleyball Professionals (AVP) players to give exhibition matches, coach clinics, and play matches with us.

Last noteworthy thing about this vlog is that it’s my first one to feature footage from my new DJI Mavic Pro drone! I’m in love with the thing! It’s so small, and so advanced… it’s a wonderful addition to my filming capabilities and I can’t wait to use it more!