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Lake House 2016

Lake house

Every summer, a bunch of friends and I find a sweet lake house somewhere in New England and we go for a long weekend to chill, relax, and decompress from the chaos of city life. Come with us for this year’s lake house in Bethel, Maine! On this year’s trip, we repeat some traditions like lobster boils, and tried some new things like watering hole jumping at Frenchman’s Hole!


I haven’t been too great at updating my blog here, but there’s a very good reason why! I’ve been busy with my latest endevour that I mentioned in my last post – vlogging! I’ve actually posted 5 videos so far, so if you haven’t checked out my channel since the first video (or at all, shame on you! =P) then head on over to YouTube and check it out! Here’s a link to my latest video from the annual Lake House trip my friends and I do.