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Software KVM for computers not on the same “network”

Upfront, let’s get something out of the way right away: software KVMs are great! For those who don’t know, this is a category of software applications that allow one computer to transmit the keyboard and mouse signal to other networked computers using nothing else except the software.

The one problem I have is that I sometimes find myself wanting to share the mouse and keyboard of a computer with another computer that are not on the same network. An example is my work desktop and my non-work laptop. Due to my company’s IT Security policy, I’m not allowed to connect my personal laptop to the network. Is all lost in terms of sharing mouse and keyboard using a software KVM? No!

Bluetooth technology is likely built into your computers as long as they were built within the last decade or so. Most people are familiar with Bluetooth as that cool “thing” that allows headphones to work with their cell phones. But did you know that you can connect two full fledged computers together, as well? This is useful for transferring files, as well as setting up a Bluetooth Personal Area Network, or PAN.

Windows Bluetooth Personal Area Network Devices

Once you’ve established a PAN between two computers, you can use your software KVM to select the PAN network and then it should all work! Below is a screen shot of Mouse Without Borders.

Mouse Without Borders main configuration screen

If you don’t have Bluetooth on one or both computers, you can easily add it to your computer by picking up a Bluetooth USB Adapter. Keep in mind that Bluetooth is low range, so keep your computers within 15-20 feet of one another. Bluetooth is also susceptible to interference, so if you’re running a lot of Bluetooth devices, this may impact performance.