Blockchain Watcher

Blockchain Watcher is a simple application for watching the values of various blockchain assets! It was born out of a desire for me to be able to watch the values of specific addresses in a mobile, aggregated, multi-crypto way. It uses the awesome Ionic Framework which allows the app to support running on Desktop, Android, and iOS devices – that pretty much covers the vast majority of consumer electronic devices!

Core Features

Support for multiple types of cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and more! Blockchain Watcher will support many different cryptocurrencies allowing you to monitor the value of as many addresses as you desire.

Secure, uses public addresses only

By never exposing your private key(s), you don’t have to worry about security with the app. For cryptocurrencies that work in the same way as Bitcoin, you can simply provide your public address that is already freely visible on the blockchain, and monitor your addresses values.

Notifications and alerts

Be notified when a transaction posts to one of your addresses. This is a great way to keep track of deposits and debits that occur against your addresses.

Runs on Desktop, Android, and iOS

Thanks to the Ionic Framework, Blockchain Watcher runs on many different platforms/operating systems. Some features may only be available on certain platforms, but the core functionality of watching addresses on various cryptocurrency blockchains will be available on all.

Current Screenshots

Screenshots last updated: 2017-07-30



Help encourage me to work on this app by sending me a small crypto donation! Keep in mind that as of 2017-11-02 BTC transaction fees are about $2-3 USD (on the low end) so you gotta send more than that. 🙂 The following QR code recommends a donation of 0.001 BTC (at $7000 USD/BTC that’s $7, of which the project will get like $4-$5…) to the project after accounting for network transaction fees. If you can control your transaction fee, feel free to set it to “economy” or whatever is one step below “normal”. We have nothing but time!










Project Status

Update 2017-11-23
After a rough couple of weeks trying to get a software release out for my job that pays the bills, I’ve finally been able to relax and focus on my own projects, like Blockchain Watcher! I’ve made very good progress in getting the block explorer configuration refactoring done, and I’ve also added a few smaller features here and there just to give me something quick to show off: displayed currency is now working and currently supports USD and Euros; bins now show the sum of their address values; addresses can be deleted;
and I revamped the About page, adding a very neat Donation section that allows you to switch between the various donation addresses I’ve exposed.
Update 2017-11-02
Litecoin would have been simple, but as I was looking for public and free Litecoin block explorers, I ended up realizing that the best ones require users to create API keys. Blockchain Watcher was not initially coded to support user-supplied configuration for block explorers, so that is what I’ve been working on. I’d say it’s about 75% of the way done, I just need to tie up some loose ends and then can finally finish Litecoin integration. I really want to push towards getting an alpha version of the app out to Reddit and other communities to get feedback and increase exposure of the app!
Update 2017-09-26
A lot of progress has been made! Checkout the updated screenshots above. In summary, I’ve implemented a lot of the basic functionality and software design for actually interacting with the block explorer APIs. I’ve added support for Bitcoin and Ethereum so far. Litecoin is next, and then I’ll begin to think about other cryptos that are a bit different like Monero. I’ve also added QR code scanning to the app, along with the ability to see the list of addresses in a given bin and the start of management functions over those addresses. A feedback screen is now available which allows users to provide their feedback to me, along with the most recent log messages from the app, useful for when I need to debug something.

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