Turkey’s Love New Cell Phones

A vlog of various things while in Rome, NY for Thanksgiving 2015 and my mom’s birthday!
My HTC One M8 decided to shit the bed while I was in Rome, and you know, it’s 2015 and all, so I couldn’t be without a phone for more than a day or so. After trying to get it fixed via Verizon and HTC customer supports, and not having much luck without having to drop over $200+ for the repairs, I decided since I wanted a new phone any way, I’d just go buy one. Introducing my shiny new Samsung Galaxy S6! Turkeys sure do love new cell phones!
Also saw the new Hunger Games! “Mockingjay Part 2”. It was AWESOME. Go see it!
For those who celebrate Thanksgiving, hope it was an awesome time for you with friends and family!