Missing in action…

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged, or vlogged, and it’s entirely on travel (for leisure) to blame! But don’t you worry, my eager friends… the New Orleans vlog is in the works! Haha. This will most likely be the only dedicated vlog I produce from the various trips I’ve taken since it was the only one where I was intentionally vlogging. I took some video from every trip, but didn’t really try to “vlog” them all. When producing a vlog, you really do have to have a different cap on. It’s not just letting the camera record as often as possible… it’s partly that, but also remembering to speak to the camera and film enough B roll to fill in the scenes.

I am far from a professional videographer, but it’s fun and I enjoy applying my own creative style to the videos I produce. It’s going to take me awhile to edit the New Orleans vlog since I went there for 3 days and took a digital ton of footage… but hopefully I’m able to cut it all down to a fun and interesting few minutes to share! Stay tuned!