Lake House 2016

Lake house

Every summer, a bunch of friends and I find a sweet lake house somewhere in New England and we go for a long weekend to chill, relax, and decompress from the chaos of city life. Come with us for this year’s lake house in Bethel, Maine! On this year’s trip, we repeat some traditions like lobster boils, and tried some new things like watering hole jumping at Frenchman’s Hole!


Collage of Mount Washington hike
As part of my efforts to become healthier, and since my good friends Kenny and Valerie asked, I decided to go on a hike up Mount Washington, NH for the 4th of July! What better way to celebrate America than to enjoy the freedom we have to do… well, whatever we want!
Mount Washington is often touted as being the highest point in all of New England. The climb up wasn’t actually all that difficult in my opinion. Most of the trails were well marked, and once you got out of the trees, you just need to follow the cairns, which are small rock pyramids placed about every 20-50 feet away. While almost to the top, we accidentally stopped paying attention to the cairns and ended up off trail. I don’t necessarily recommend this, as it can be dangerous, and can also lead to destruction of protected land… but in our case, we were fine. =) It was just more rocks! They were actually not steep at all, and only took a little bit more effort in order to climb up. Most of the rocks were covered in some kind of black hard moss, which reminded me of the grip tape that you sometimes see on staircases. This made climbing up those rocks very easy.
Any way, we did it! We made it to the top! I used my Go Pro attached to my Go Poll (try saying that 5 times fast) to vlog the journey. The audio was garbage because I kept the water proof case on. Live and learn. It’s also pretty hard to take good cinematic footage with a Go Pro because it’s so small, any vibrations and slight movements get translated into big distortions in the video. I’ve got a surprise to help with that… I’ll debut that later, at some point!


Well, without further ado, checkout the vlog up on YouTube!