Month: April 2017

Samsung teases BlackBerry fans with Galaxy S8 Keyboard Cover

I just recently got my hands on the new Samsung Galaxy S8+ and I’ve gotta tell you guys, it’s fantastic. Worth every penny! I will likely blog some more, and probably make a short review video about the device soon. But right now, I wanted to write a post about an awesome accessory that Samsung has made for the S8 and S8+ devices: a detachable Keyboard Cover!

The keyboard cover heralds back to the days of Blackberry devices where hardware keyboards were a fixture of their brand. Samsung did a very nice job with this accessory! The cover itself attaches easily to the phone, allowing a screen protector to also exist on the front. It also recesses the camera a bit, which I like because it should reduce accidental scratching and fingerprints of the camera. The fingerprint and biometric sensors are also recessed though… not sure how that will affect usage yet.

Text input is so much easier and faster with the keyboard! It feels pretty good, too. Covered in a soft feeling plastic, with keys that give solid tactile feedback. They do make a popping noise as you type. This might be annoying to people around you in quiet environments.

Perhaps the best part is the excellent software integration that Samsung has done. You literally snap the keyboard on the front and the phone instantly adapts to the fact that it is there. The screen shrinks, and the on-screen keyboard is disabled all automatically. And there’s no battery or wireless connections to worry about! The keyboard just works. Samsung’s included manual is fairly spartan by way of any instructions, but after you try the keyboard out for a minute, you’ll understand why!

If you’re ready to pick up this awesome accessory for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, head on over to Amazon where you can grab one for $60. (It’s worth it guys, seriously!) Just make sure you buy the right model or else you’ll be disappointed when it doesn’t fit…

For the S8:

For the S8+ (S8 Plus):

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Sala Kaewku, the Buddhist Monuments Park, in Nong Khai, Thailand

Here is a short video (57 seconds) that I put together using footage from my DJI Mavic Pro drone when I visited Sala Kaewku park. The video is uploaded at 4K resolution, so make sure you have a good Internet connection and a quality screen to view it on! This park is an interesting attraction because it is historical, cultural, and entertaining. The large statues pillar over the manicured gardens, taking the shape of spirits, and other mythological creatures. Some monuments depict the Buddha in his fight against demons, and his interaction with legendary creatures like the Naga.

If you make it to the park, before you leave, make sure to grab a bag of fish food for about 10 THB and watch the feeding frenzy in one of the park’s fish ponds. You can also pay your respects in the main building, which is an active and functioning Buddhist temple. The temple is home to a sacred rock with the Buddha carved on it. Legend says that if you make a wish, then attempt to pickup the rock, whether or not your wish will come true will be determined by your ability to pick up the rock. It is said that even the strongest men have failed when their wishes were not meant to be!

Sala Kaewku is located in Nong Khai, Thailand. Here’s a link to Google Maps.