Hey guys! So I just bought the highly anticipated Huawei Watch, an Android Wear powered smart watch! I’ve been waiting for this thing for months now, and it just arrived today. Here’s a video where I unbox the watch and show you guys what the initial experience was like.
In a week or two, I’ll do another video on the watch, giving my opinion and experience after I’ve had some time to test it out. If you guys have any questions, post them down in the comments below and I’ll try to address them in the followup video!
Lastly, I’m heading to Monterey, California next week for work. For those who know, I grew up a military brat and moved all over the place, but I’ve lived in Monterey on three separate occasions, so it’s pretty cool that I get to go back now as an adult. Stay tuned for the travel vlog for that trip!